Wednesday, April 4, 2007

There is no "I" in Team Boston

On February 3, 2002, the New England Patriots shocked the world when they defeated the much favored "Greatest Show on Turf" St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI. For the first time in Super Bowl History, the players refused to be announced on the field individually before the game and, instead, only wanted to be announced as a team. Little did everybody know it, but the Patriots had already beaten the Rams before the ball was even kicked off.

Team Boston took the same approach with the Paolo Nutini contest. 6 individuals (Kate, Ryan, Jeff, Cathy, Jim, and Kali) couldn't have possibly accomplished as much individually as they could as a team. We hope you agree.

Scroll down for all the details and all the results of teamwork.

Oh, and by the way, that music that you are hearing was recorded live at WBOS for our digital download campaign in the New England. You will read more about that later on, but you are one of the lucky few that get to hear this without having to buy the record at a local Borders location. Enjoy!


On February 3rd Paolo performed at the Paradise in Boston. Team Boston held a pre-show party that included a private sound check performance. 70 people from our favorite retailers came out including District Managers from Trans World, Regional Directors from Borders, Buyers from Newbury Comics, Media Masters from Best Buy, and many store managers and Lifestyle Accounts. Radio and print personnel were there as well.
The private peformance included five songs. Afterwards Paolo signed and talked with all of the people in attendance.


After Paolo's sold out show in Boston, Strawberries #7 was on hand to sell "These Streets". They sold 89 units and the people who bought them earned the right to meet Paolo after the show. He signed and chatted with fans for about 80 minutes.


In Association with WBOS and First Act Guitar Studios, we set up a txt2win contest which ran from February 2nd - March 31st. We used a couple of different vehicles to promote the contest.

We used our contest funds to create 5,000 coasters which were placed in Bars and Lifestyle Accounts all over New England. The txt2win contest included a bounce back coupon from Newbury Comics via cell phone. Contest entrants received the following text:

mssg1Thanks! U MUST REPLY 'Y' 2 confirm ur entry 2 win an autographed guitar from Paolo Nutini! Can't reply? Go2 enter %PN% StdRatesApply

mssg2Thx-we'll call if u win!Show this mssg @ any Newbury Comics by 2/28/07 2get Paolo's These Streets 4only $7.99 Code #011997.Reply STOP WINPAOLO 2 quit.StdRatAply


A myspace page ( was created to cross promote the contest and create web presence for Paolo. It currently has 396 friends and has been viewed 4,638 times where viewers often post comments about their favorite Paolo experiences. Our myspace page is also Paolo Nutini's #1 friend, on his Top 12 on his myspace page!

To view the site click


A few different elements went into our lifestyle efforts. We handed out flyers, coasters, samplers and a map of "These Streets" of Boston directing people to retail in an effort to spread the Paolo word.

We placed tent cards and coasters in mall food courts and lounges, retaurants, coffee shops and bars.

We had a viral campaign up on face book that offered a signed Paolo CD to anyone who posted a digital tool on a website as well as college press out to meet Paolo which garnered a nice review. We also created "now playing" easels and placed them in non-traditional retail such as salons and shops. Lastly, we used the "Live Sessions" EP as a value add/bag stuffer with area merchants including Coco Day Spa & Salon.


Retail laminates were created and worn by retail employees all over New England. Accounts included Trans World, Borders, Newbury Comics, and Bull Moose.


The promotion kicked off on Sunday February 4th, immediately after Paolo's live performance on WBOS. It ran for the month of February. The performance was digitally recorded and sent to management for approval that day and then uploaded to a redemption page. Consumers who purchased the Paolo Nutini release at any Borders location in the Greater Boston area received the digital download card with their purchase which would allow them to access this content. You can check the following link to see the design/layout of the final landing page:

WBOS promoted the added value campaign for the entire month, a promotional value of $122K.


Team Boston joined forces with a Boston based bike tour company to create an enter to win contest at 20 New England area Trans World stores. Consumers had the chance to win a "These Streets" inspired guided bike tour around Boston. To further cross promote this concept we borrowed the Urban Adventours Truck to create a buzz outside of Strawberries in Boston where we handed out 300 "Live Sessions" Samplers and blasted "These Streets" from the truck.


Newbury Comics has been a great partner with us around the release of Paolo's record. From tour support advertising to a "Live Sessions" EP value add campaign to a free autographed booklet with pre-order promotion to a $7.99 bounceback coupon as part of our Text-to-Win campaign (see above), they have aligned themselves right next to this project. Hey - even Natalie, Newbury's head buyer, made a rare appearance at our Soundcheck Party!

The results have been amazing. Newbury took almost 130 pre-orders before the record hit the streets and sold 367 units during the first week of release. With over 800 units sold to date they have been one of the most successful regional chains in the country on this release!

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Bull Moose was on board early promoting Paolo’s release at the store level as well as through their weekly New Release E-mail Newsletters. Offering an autographed guitar
and tickets to Paolo’s February 3rd sold-out concert at Boston’s Paradise Club, Bull Moose had over 100 online entries from their January 22nd e-mail. Their January 29th
Newsletter promoted Tuesday's street date of “These Streets” as well as our “Live Sessions” EP sampler that they used as a gift-with-purchase. The stores were all sent bin card H-clips and a CD designated for in-store play.

As a member of the Music Monitor Network all 10 locations had the title sale priced and positioned on their Hit Wall from street day through March.
First week sales totaled 70 CDs and it debuted at #6 on their Top Selling sales chart. Release-to-date sales have totaled 175 units with “These Streets” still a consistent seller.

Music Box - Newport

Music Box offered sampler EP’s to their customers and featured “These Streets” in a counter bin. They also utilized our bin card and H-clip. In-store play also played a
role in their first week’s sales of 5 units. Release-to-date sales total 14 CD.

NEW ENGLAND SALES HIGHLIGHTS (and there were a lot of 'em!)

You can't have the sizzle without the steak. At least, we think that's the saying...

Either way, this record has had great sales success in the New England region. In fact, Boston was the #3 overall sales market for the first week of release and Team Boston had three (3) of the top five (5) markets in the country in terms of ranking with Portland (a top 10 debut!), Boston (#13), and Burlington (#15) all leading the way.

Regional/key accounts such as Newbury Comics (#5 debut; 367 units sold!) and Bull Moose Music (#8; 70 units sold!) also showed immediate results!








Click the link below to view all of our pictures from the entire campaign

Click the link below to view all of our documents, charts, and approvals for the entire campaign

Wrap-Up (of the Wrap-Up!)

Well, that should do it.

Team Boston's campaign covered all the bases from creative marketing in and out of brick and mortar retail using digital (text-to-win; digital downloads; on-line marketing; etc.) and physical tools (samplers; coasters; flyers; etc.) while also more than covering the bases via our traditional channels. In the end, the result was an all-encompassing blitz of New England on the Paolo Nutini project with the REAL result being our sales story.

Well, we hope you enjoyed our wrap-up. We leave you with video (scroll down!) from Paolo Nutini live from the Paradise in Boston (and the site of our soundcheck party) during the week of street date. Enjoy!